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Saturday, 06 November 2010
Dear all,
here some short lines at the end of my trip. My last days in Mexico I first spent in Guadalajara. The city of Tequila and Mariachis. Well, the first thing dropped out as is well-known that drinking on your own makes you even more lonely and the Mariachis I was not able to find, as much effort I put into it. Not even on the Plaza de los Mariachis... what a swindle!! Smile But on the other hand there were free concerts everywhere, no matter if Salsa, pop, rock or classic, on every square there was music. That was pretty cool. Otherwise Guadalajara with its 4,5 m inhabitants is a nice, modern city with many sights for which I unfortunately did not have enough time. Remarkably was that here it looked somehow more like the cliché Mexico: many cowboy boots, sombreros, supposedly Mariachis and the cars here are American (Firebirds, Dodges, etc.) and not like in the other places, where the good old beetles in all variations, Volkswagen Golf 1 and 2 or an old Jetta now and then were the standard picture.
On Thursday I returned to Mexico City where I visited today the last sights like the Palacio Nacional and the Frida Kahlo museum. Here the winter starts slowly. The Mexicans already wear thick winter jackets with fur and cloves while I set off this morning quite optimistic with sanadals. Well I changed that quickly.... Today I was walking around until way after dark (8 p.m. ;-) ) and promptly got lost again on the way to the metro. But I assume even in that case the worst that could have happened to me would have been, that I  whipe out and knock my teeth out on one of the sidewalks as dark as it was. So I guess, in the end Mexico City is no more dangerous than any other south or central american city. You only need to know, where you can walk around ;-)
What is there left to say. 3 weeks were over way to quick and it was not enough time for this huge country. Sad I have to return tomorrow already. Too bad as well, that my flight is so early. As the metro as well as everything here in Mexico starts late (normally at 5 a.m. but on Saturday only at 6 p.m.) I unfortunately can not go on tube (for 3 pesos) but have to take a taxi to the airport (120 pesos). :-P This is actually quite a phenomenon here, which caused me quite some hours of hunger in the morning... before 8 a.m. there is nothing happening in this country... nothing at all!
Hasta luego
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